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Top 10 Tips to Rest and Re-Charge

Posted on 17/05/2021 by Charlotte Frank

We live in a 24-hour world, there is an expectation for businesses to be contactable and working 24 hours a day to not miss out on opportunities. This is great in hindsight but can cause a lot of pressure on employees. 

One of the leading causes of employees leaving their jobs is burnout. Employee burnout happens in many different sectors and is described as an overwhelming feeling of stress which leads to physical and mental exhaustion. A key attribute that management can bestow on their employees is that they have to take rest days, to recharge their mind; not only will this help them personally but rest creates further productivity, which means the company will benefit too. 


Why is it important that you rest?

Resting reduces stress and less stress equals less chance of unhappy, unproductive, burnt-out employees! Stress can impact a person mentally and physically and can mute positive traits in a person, making them angry, upset, and unpleasant to be around; which in turn impacts on building relationships with people. When someone rests for at least one day a week they are proven to have more energy and are in turn more creative and productive with their day. 

Outside of the work environment, resting can simply just make you feel better. Cortisol, the stress hormone, makes you feel panicked and on edge but when you relax, endorphins are released, making you feel happy. Less stress leads to a longer, happier life, it is scientifically proven that stress is one of the biggest contributors to the top causes of death. Meaning that avoiding stress can help you to live longer and avoid serious health concerns. Therefore, resting doesn’t just come with mental wellbeing benefits, these benefits can be physical too! 

Now we know why we should rest, what are some of our top tips to help you rest and recharge I hear you ask? Let me tell you. 

Our Top Ten Tips to Rest and Re-Charge

1. Exercise: Sometimes it’s not easy to exercise daily but even if it is for 30 minutes, light exercise or a walk really helps to recharge your batteries. Walking in nature is scientifically proven to speed up health recovery and the fresh air helps to feel cleansed.

2. Take time for you: In life, we are told to be kind to others and sometimes we forget to be kind to ourselves, take time out of your week to pamper yourself, run a warm bath/shower, use an exfoliating scrub, clean your hair, your body and moisturise. Have a full spa experience, do a facemask, light a candle. Simple changes can really help. 

3. Sleep: Having a regular sleep pattern can help you to feel energised and more productive throughout the day. It is recommended that you sleep for around 6-8 hours a night. Having a nighttime routine that helps you wind down before bed is proven to enhance your nights' sleep.

4. Changing your diet: Although we all love things that are bad for us, eating well will give you more energy for the day, food that is heavily carb based will make you feel sluggish, sugary foods will give you short bursts of energy that will evidentially lead to a sugar crash. Make a conscious effort to choose fruit, nuts, or a cereal bar for that quick energy boost.

5. Spend time doing something you love: Try a new hobby, find something that you love that takes your mind away from working and helps you to shut off your mental gears.

6. Spend time with friends and family: Simply, spending time with people you love releases endorphins and automatically makes you feel mentally recharged.

7. Holidays: Take 'holiday', at least 3 days every 3 months, use this time to have a mini break away. Being away from home or away from work is really refreshing and takes away the pressures of everyday life.

8. Aromatherapy: This does not have to be exclusively at a spa, or a massive expense at all. There are some great home remedies that help to calm the mind such as lavender and rosemary.

9. Rest days: Take a whole day every week where you can completely rest and do things for yourself, that make you happy and that you love. This will enhance your productivity and increase your energy levels.

10. Turn off your screens: In a world that is predominantly digital taking a screen detox is one of the best ways to feel recharged. Social media especially can be draining and feel like an intense amount of pressure but everybody is in their own lane and going at their own pace, you do not need to live your life dependant on what you see online, this is definitely one to remember.

Whether you already practice these tips or need a little help to recharge, the main takeaway from this blog is that work and rest are not competitors, one should not take priority over the other. They are partners and should be treated as equals.

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