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8 Ways To Be Your Most Productive

Posted on 19/07/2021 by Charlotte Frank

Every now and then we all find ourselves searching for new and innovative ways to keep ourselves motivated and productive.

Everyone wants to know the secret to maximum productivity which is essentially using your time in the best way possible, in doing so you can achieve more, reach your goals, and get the best out of your career.

Those who are able to overcome the dreaded procrastination and optimize their workload are the ones who will ultimately become industry leaders. Whether using productivity apps helps to keep you on top of your tasks or writing an old-fashioned to-do list is your favourite way to stay organised, here are some tips that you may have not considered to help you be your most productive self.

Tip #1 - Setting goals
Every day you spend working should somehow be contributing to your success in the long run. Try setting goals on a daily basis that will add to your future success, this will give you an incentive to keep working and also make you think about the bigger picture of reaching your goals. Make a to-do list of your tasks and then think about how each task will contribute to your future success and what goal they will help you reach.

Tip #2 - Tackle the hardest task first
Start your day with tackling the hardest task first, once you get that task or meeting off your list you don’t have to think about it anymore, setting a positive tone for the day. For most people, at the beginning of the day you normally have the highest energy and the least distractions therefore it’s easier to focus on difficult tasks. A good way to stick to this is by cutting off all distractions, don’t check your phone, emails or social media until the hardest task is complete.

Tip #3 - Avoid unnecessary distractions
Following on from the previous tip, it is often the case that we are inundated with Slack messages, questions and emails constantly throughout our day. You make your to-do list and sit down to tackle the day but you find yourself having to stop and start every time you get a notification or message from a colleague. A useful way to approach these unnecessary distractions is to set boundaries with your colleagues. Setting up a window of time where people should come to you for questions is a great way to stop getting distracted mid-task. Giving yourself certain times in the day to check your notifications and emails will allow you to complete tasks in between these times, therefore not interrupting your flow.

Tip #4 - Utilize your most productive self
We all have a particular time of day when we get bursts of focus and creativity, for most people that is in the morning however for others it might be during lunch or in the evening. Try to think about when you are most productive and remove any interruptions during this time, schedule any meetings for later on in the day and complete any tasks that require the most attention.

Tip #5 - Try it for just 5 minutes
It’s a well known fact that starting is the hardest part, we are all guilty of procrastination. If you try to commit to doing just 5 minutes of the task that you are putting off, by the end of that time you will be so engrossed that you will end up finishing the entire thing.

Tip #6 - It’s not about how much time you have, it’s about what you do with it
The best way to manage your time is by identifying your priorities and focusing on those. Take control of your day, whether you have 2 hours or 6, it doesn’t matter, it’s about what you do with that time that will get you results.

Tip #7 - Sleep is key
A good day starts the night before, sleep is probably the most important factor in whether you will have a successful and productive day or not. Getting the right amount of sleep will set you up for a great day, allowing your brain to recharge, boost cognitive behaviour and improve your performance at work.

Tip #8 - Plan the day before
Take time the afternoon or evening to plan for the next day. This will allow you to start the day smoothly and have your priorities in check. It will also allow you to relax into your evening and give you peace of mind.

We hope you found these tips helpful to tackle your to-do lists and be your most productive!

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