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Managing Your Work Stress Over the Festive Season!

Posted on 7/12/2022 by Charlotte Frank

December can be a difficult month to navigate in the recruitment world. We’re wrapping up the year and planning for the next. We all face our individual stressors and need to manage with confidence during the holiday season to get things done.  

Employers play an essential role in ensuring their team members keep calm and carry on during this often-tough time of year. Keeping an eye out for each other and finding ways to win together can reduce holiday stress in the workplace.

It’s important to approach the holiday season with a healthy attitude and one that ensures you make the most of it professionally as well as personally!  

Below are 5 tips to ensure you and your colleagues manage your work stressors and remain healthy and happy during your well-deserved breaks:

Tip #1: Look out for each other and yourself!

The end of the year quite often signals the time to celebrate your achievements, but it can also mean extra stress as deadlines loom and plans need to be submitted for the following year. Let’s face it, most people are also physically tired and although there might be a lot of work still to do it may well need to be done at a manageable pace. Keep a lookout for signs of burnout (anxiety, irritability, emotional outbursts), and when the pressure is too great, make sure everyone is talking about it openly. It’s important to offer help and support when needed to your colleagues or indeed to recognise your own need to pay attention to your mental health as you juggle those final weeks of a busy year. 

Tip #2: Work on a team plan – Bite size is best.

Work with your team and colleagues on a realistic plan to wrap the year up in a healthy and productive manner. It’s always great to have a plan and it will help to do things in bite size pieces and with everyone involved. Doing so ensures that everyone gets their fair share of work done whilst also keeping in mind upcoming scheduled vacations. Have weekly, short meetings to ensure projects are re-assigned or tasks are being completed as expected.

Tip #3: Create a ‘super’ list

Everyone loves a list! 

Well, having a ‘super’ list, as I call it, means you have the chance to write everything down in one place that you know you need and want to achieve before the deadline of December 31! It can seem very overwhelming, and you may feel your goals aren’t quite achievable, but once you see your list written down it becomes a much more manageable task, and you can easily spot which bits are more important and prioritise it in an organised way. Have a separate list for work and personal life if needed, and check things off as they are achieved – which is very satisfying in itself!  

Tip #4: Try and stick to your usual sleep cycles – don’t give into the FOMO!

Our calendars can look overwhelming at this time of year.  It can be very difficult to say no when the party spirit is well and truly alive, and you don’t want to miss out, but it’s more important than ever to pace yourself. Try and block out evenings in your calendar where you commit to doing nothing and have the courage to say no when you are feeling socially exhausted. When you keep up on your sleep, you strengthen your immune system. It’s critical to maintain your body’s internal clock, so it makes it easier to fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up well rested. By blocking out time to rest will ensure you are presenting your best self whilst managing work during this period.

Tip #5: Exercise and try not to overindulge – Easier said than done! 

One of the key benefits of exercise is its ability to alleviate stress. Commit to exercising 20 minutes a day, whether it be a brisk walk with a friend, online yoga in your lounge room, or hitting the treadmill at the gym. Stay hydrated, control your alcohol intake (one drink, one water), and practice portion control to achieve a healthy balance. This can really help to ensure you stay focused and on top of your work load.

My final note to you all would be to focus on the all the positive of the year, do work with real joy, and take time for making life happier — after all, Christmas is a time for celebration!

If you have any questions or would like any other advice on the above you can contact me on or via LinkedIn at Shaleena Mulchandani.

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