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A New World

Posted on 21/10/2020 by Helen Corke

Here’s a brief update for those interested in hearing how the market has been for us in Hong Kong coming out of Q3 and heading into Q4.  

Well, what a year it’s been!  Not one that we are likely to forget in a hurry, that’s for sure.  I’m delighted to say that there is finally a light at the end of the 2020 tunnel.  

Here in Hong Kong the restrictions are slowly lifting and we are able to return to some sort of normal, all be it fully masked up, covered in sanitizer and with temperature guns being the new ‘welcome’.

Business is certainly picking up and we are, (LOUD EXHALE) I’m extremely relieved to say, busier than at any other point this year.  Clients are moving forward with hires, new roles are coming in and our candidates are seeing movement, which has thankfully eased fears for so many of our job seekers.  We are getting there.

2020 has seemingly been an ‘annus horribilis’ for so many, but I am hopeful that Q4 will continue to turn things around for the better, and that globally we will then be looking at a more hopeful 2021 ahead.  As a result of all the turmoil this year there have been true transformations happening all around us. There have been great examples of leadership and real learning opportunities for us all, too, so I am loathe to look purely at the negatives. I feel we are now at a unique turning point for our world, which I hope we will all be able to benefit from both personally and professionally as we learn to adapt and transition through these challenging times. We have to embrace the new and evolve to elevate ourselves and our businesses.

There is a new clarity.  A new focus. A new hope.  Be it through more family dinners, because we have learnt the true value of them, or because things that were once so incredibly important and aspirational seem less, well, important. 

Put simply, life has changed. I see a shift.  I see a new perspective.  I see a new world, and I for one quite like it.

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