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Top Interview Tips from Top Recruiters

Posted on 15/02/2021 by Charlotte Frank

​Wishing you all a very Happy Chinese New Year, in light of this, our Founder and CEO Helen Corke sat down with Denis Miles-Vinall to discuss her top tips for interviews in the Year of the Ox!

"In this climate every interview is precious"

Here at Charlotte Frank we aim to support our candidates in putting their best foot and be prepared for any given interview, we have recapped Helen's top 3 tips in hopes that it can help you too.

1) Be prepared

  • Know who you are meeting; research the company, what is their culture, their ethos and how do you fit into that team.

  • Do not rely on your recruiter to give you all of the information, do your own research, if an interviewer sees you have taken an interest and researched the company it will be recognised and appreciated, making you stand out against the crowd.

2) Control the 'controllables'

  • With interviews being mostly online over the last year, controlling environmental aspects is of utmost importance; make sure your battery is fully charged, ensure you have a neutral background, your lighting is okay and you still look smart and well-groomed.

  • Diet is also extremely important; making sure you've eaten something substantial and have some water on hand.

  • Know yourself and your environment; if something happens to go wrong, do not ignore it, acknowledge the mistake and deal with it, this shows you are able to cope under pressure and turns a negative into a positive.

3) Prepare for questions

  • Prepare for asking and answering questions; bring questions with you and prepare answers for questions they could ask.

  • Look into 'cliche' answers to generic interview questions, be real and authentic with your answers, do not say what you think the interviewer wants to hear. A great example of this would be 'What is your weakness?' by being your authentic self shows that you are self-aware actively working to improve your weaknesses enabling you to build a rapport with the interviewer.

You can watch Denis and Helen's video below.

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