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The Need for Executive Assistants: An Interview with Anouk De Blieck

Posted on 29/09/2021 by Charlotte Frank

​Director of Charlotte Frank, Zara Balfour interviewed Anouk De Blieck, Senior Leader Advisor and Executive Advisor at our sister company Elliott Scott HR about the need for Executive Assistants.

Anouk is multilingual and has, over the past 20 years, been a senior leader and advisor to organizations in the Technology, Payments and Banking sectors, including organizations such as Citibank, ANZ, Visa and SoftServe. She began her leadership career in Sales, Operations & Project Management, before moving to regional and global HR leadership positions in emerging and mature markets across EMEA, Asia, Northern America and Oceania. In these roles, Anouk managed geographically dispersed teams of up to 600 people, supporting up to 20K employees, and developed the strategy and implementation of a number of large-scale Human Capital interventions which focused on value creation, crisis management and transformation.  

With her extensive career Anouk has worked with many Executive Assistants, Zara spoke to Anouk regarding her experience with them and the positive impact they can have on the workplace, they used this time to recognise and appreciate the EA's that they have worked with.

Key topics of discussion:

  • Why an EA is so important.

  • What makes a good EA.

  • The best experience for an EA to have on their CV.

  • How EA's can impact a Senior Leader.

  • Career advice for Executive Assistants.

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